Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kadizzle's funeral please come.

Blast off

Tuesday the copilot says the Earth Module will blast off.  Packing for the mission involves making sure hundreds of little items are on board and so many task have been completed.  The Kadizzles cannot leave the planet Hazen if one leaf is in the yard so Mrs Kadizzle will go anal nuts and insist we run the mower one more time to pick up the last leaf.  Coming to life like a slug Kadizzle is sitting here trying to get a spark of life started in this tired old body.  On the other hand the hyperactive Mrs Kadizzle jumped out of bed like her undies were on fire.  Running to the kitchen she skidded to a halt and is now making cornbread.  If you watched us get out of bed you would swear we were two entirely different species.  Kadizzle starts like a steam engine.  A small fire is lit, slowly it grows. After perhaps an hour there is enough heat to produce steam pressure.  Mrs Kadizzle is like a rocket launch.

The first awakening task is getting up to date.  What did president insane do today? Who did he insult, what pot has he stirred, who did he steal from to make the rich richer?  To find all this out you have to get up to date.  If you want you can pursue The Bismarck Tribune online. The fish industry has nominated the Tribune for best fish wrap several times.  Like most of the media in North Dakota they run their investigations with interns from the group home. 

For some meat you can read the New York Times.  Today there is a rundown of letters teenagers were asked to write to the paper. Every one of them wrote better essays than anything you would find in the Bismarck Tribune.

So the day is cranking up and there is still so much to be done before blast off.  When the ship finally touches down in the Republican planet of Arizona we don't want to be saying " Damn we forgot the fly swatter".

Arizona has a lot of people living on marginal incomes, and these are the people who voted for Trump to cut back their healthcare, their social security, and build a wall.  Simple minded thrives n the desert.  As long as you get to keep your gun things are fine.  You can always shoot the cancer you got because you could not afford a checkup.  You can always rob a grocery store if you are hungry.  A gun can solve so many problems.   A lot of people use their gun to solve big problems.  Bad marriage, shoot your wife. Bad boss shoot him.  Depressed shoot yourself.  The gun is the multi tool of our age.

Halfway through a cup of coffee it is time to leave the engine room and go to the galley.  It could be dangerous.  Surely the real boss will give a quick rundown of the days orders. Maybe better stay here in the engine room a little longer where safety is assured.  Have a good day and enjoy the Republican circus.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Colonel Klink and his land grab

Many people certainly think all of Kadizzle's bolts are not tight.  In the little town of Hazen their are several people who need their bolts tightened.  Among the most egregious outliers is Colonel Klink .  The Colonel has cooked up many goofy ideas and was most famous for flying over the town representing Hazen's air force with his motorized glider.

Many of the bizarre ideas that have come into Klinks mind have resulted in bizarre structures.  Tweeza's elephant palace is a prime example of a mind lost in the wilderness. Klink got the brainstorm to go to Africa and shoot some poor old elephant.  Now the problem became to let the locals know what a brave elephant hunter old Klink was.  So Klink built the elephant palace.  Unfortunately this is true.  Klink in his vast back yard put up a steel building to house his elephant trophy.  In the palace you can see a video of the elephant hunt.

Throngs of people never appeared to see the great elephant palace.  Peoples reaction was totally a surprise to Klink. Most people thought and many said to Kling " Why in the hell did you shoot that poor old elephant?".    Klink is one of those strange people who like to kill things.  So Klink has moved an old school house into his back yard.  The school house has been well restored to it's original condition with one major exception.  Klink used to sit in school daydreaming of killing things.  So in his restoration Klink lined the walls and floors with parts of the animals he has killed.

Klink's wife according to local legend came into a nice income from oil properties.  The vast Klink fortune has allowed Klink to carry out his daydreams.  One of Klinks fantasies is that he is a land baron of sorts.  To the best of his ability Klink has bought as much property as possible adjoining his home property. Additionally Klink has purchased other odd pieces of property.  Klink has more money than common sense.  With an active mind Klink constantly has strange ideas popping into his head. The problem is he has the money to carry out his ideas.  One of his ideas was to build a stage in his garage.  Why anyone would need a stage in their garage is a question left to the gods to answer, but Klink went to a lot of trouble to build a stage in his garage.  One of Klink's problem is the hoarder gene in his DNA.  Klink collects old rafters,  parts from bridges, buildings, and so on.  Next he has to dream up some bizarre use for the stuff.  Out at the "Ranchett" his treasure of junk has accumulated. Old windows, old bricks, a couple old mobile homes and so on.

Now to the jest of the problem. To the dismay of everyone in our neighborhood The Colonel bought a piece of land next to many in the area.  The property has a wonderful oxbow in the creek that has become a nice wildlife area where our neighbors have raised wood ducks for years. The local kids fish there.  Klink as owner of the land could dream up any bizzre scheme immaginable.  He has told some people he is going to sell grain bins from there.  Klink has told Kadizzle he intends to either raise hogs or build a tower of Babel.

Klink like to get attention.  Starting a range war over his land would be great entertainment for Klink. To initiate the range war Klink has asked all the adjoining neighbors to his property to attend a meeting in his garage.  At the meeting refreshments will be served and people will be invited to buy back what they thought was their own backyard.

Needless to say the crazy man Kadizzle is not thrilled with Klinks plans.  At this point it appears there is a good possibility two crazy men will enter into battle of either the preservation of a nice wildlife area or the destruction of it.  Here we go.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Very Skilled Liar

Old Kadizzle came out of the haze which is sleep. In usual fashion the radio was brought on and NPR came to life. As is the custom Kadizzle reached for the laptop beside the bed.  Now the time to check the world was upon him.  Almost without exception Kadizzle reads the Bismarck Tribune on line, and The New York Times.  The Bismarck Tribune is one of the worst newspapers in existence.  Like so many the paper refuses to pay what it would take to get decent writers or reporters. So we get stories about Martha's new quilt or a big piece of hail that fell on Willy's sunflower.

The other extreme is The New York Times.  The New York paper is excellent and has many writers that often win the Nobel Prize.  The New York Time is factual unlike Fox News and so many others.

Today in the editorial column there is a great story about how Trump lies so effectively.  Read it there will be a quiz.

After writing the first part of this Kadizzle went back to the New York Times.  Another editorial shined. Read about McCain the Hedge Hog, and Bannon the Honey Badger.  Every Republican should be forced to read it.

Sometimes ignorance is a choice, sometimes it is a genetic defect.  Too many people can read, but don't. They chose to have some lying organization just tell them what they want.  Fox News has brought the country to it's knees with cheap propaganda.  Reading is like eating.  You can read good nourishing things, or you can read junk.  The junk taste good, but does you little good.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Meeting Day

Nice day in the Dakotas.  Maybe the lord will inspire Kadizzle to rake some leaves and finish up the yard.  The Crazy Club will meet.  May be a sparse group.  Over at Rita's Crazy Club they have all the Halloween stuff out and like a couple of kids are thrilled with the scary stuff.  The most scary stuff is in the White House.  Kadizzle read a lengthy article on Rex Tillerson.  You remember, Trump's secretary of state that called him a moron.  Tillerson had some pretty friendly connections to Russia.

Mrs Kadizzle may go to Bismarck today so there will be no adult supervision, great.  The moment of departure is sneaking up.  A big decision is if we take the solar panel or not.  The panel is sixty pounds we could avoid.  We have not used it for a couple of years and Mrs Kadizzle cannot be convinced to abandon the Forest Service and strike out.

In all our traveling across the southwest we have covered a lot of ground.  Spinning through the channels Kadizzle has come across some of the goofy shows that fill the cable network.  The other day they had a Dual Survivor show on that was staged near where we spend the winters.  Supposedly these two guys are lost in the wilderness.  Actually you can tell by the scenery they were right across Lake Roosevelt from where we camp. No way in hell were they lost. No matter which way they went they would have come to a road.  Kadizzle sometimes get's caught up in the Gold Rush show.  Since Kadizzle was a miner most of his life it is king of interesting.  The show portrays these people as profitably finding gold.  Somehow they never make much money and are always on the edge.  Strange thing is they have equipment worth millions.  They end the year with terrible results and show up next year with fifty million dollars worth of mining equipment. How does that work?  The real money is in mining idiots like Kadizzle who watch the fake reality.  You can make big money today with fake.  We have a fake president and he is making good on his act.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Update in America

The time is rapidly approaching for the Kadizzles to head south.  Today our oldest daughter is 40.  Seems impossible that we have a daughter 40 but the clock keeps spinning.  Now it comes to me. Last night Kadizzle was thinking about a subject for today's briefing.

Mr and Mrs Kadizzle have been watching the series "Mind Hunters" on Netflix.  As usual it is well done and in no time we are binge watching. Yesterday we watched three episodes.  The story evolves around how the FBI got into profiling criminal minds.  Two FBI agents go to prisons to interview serial killers.  The show is well done and is very much based on actual killings, and killers.

Perhaps Kadizzle has written on this blog before about this, but Kadizzle grew up and went to school with a psychopath.  It was not until college and a psychology course that Kadizzle realized his old schoolmate Charlie was a psychopath.  At Marshall University in West Virginia Kadizzle sat in his room and read a description of a psychopath.  All of a sudden it hit him, Charlie is a psychopath.  Charlie was also at Marshall attempting to get a degree.  Charlie's college came to an abrupt end when one of his psychopathic tendencies got him thrown out of school.  That is a whole different story, but also an interesting one.

Psychopaths are very charming people, and very good actors.  Of course there are degrees of the problem.  Psychopaths have no empathy for other people.  They can seem like your best friend, but it would not bother them a bit to steal from you or kill you if it suited their need.  A good argument can be made that some of our presidents are psychopaths.  Our current president, and Richard Nixon certainly had the tenancies.  Psychopaths are excellent at playing people.  Trump does this every day.  Trump knows exactly how to play the redneck mind, and he knows he does it.  When you see Trump in action you see he really doesn't care about anyone.  Poor people are just pawns to him.  Trump could care less about children having health care, or hurricane victims getting help, but he knows what people want to hear.

The law and rules mean absolutely nothing to a psychopath, they are just problem you surmount when getting to your goal.  Psychopaths have absolutely no conscience.

This gets me back to Charlie.  At one time Charlie lived on the second floor of a house with his mother and brother.  The people living below had some chickens in the yard.  Charlie did not like the chickens and thought they were annoying.  Charlie would take a pen knife and put it under the shoe laces of his tennis shoe.  The blade of the knife stuck out in front of the shoe. Charlie then would put some corn on his shoe.  When the chicken came to get the corn Charlie would kick the chicken. The chicken would fly up in the air and come down dead. Charlie thought the whole thing was fun, expedient, and it did not bother him at all.

Trump and the Republicans lie on a daily bases.  It is expedient, and it serves their purpose. The upcoming tax cuts are a prime example.  The tax cuts will be a windfall for the rich, and do little if anything to help the working class.  All the data and research indicates it is a massive fraud. However, it will serve the purpose of getting campaign donations for the Republicans so lying is no problem.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Running from the fire

Thankya Jesus it is not happening to Kadizzle.  We are not about to burn up like so many people in California, but we do have a minor part of their problem.  The clock is ticking and soon the Earth Module will be packed and headed toward the southwest.  Now like a house on fire we have to decide what to take or what not to take. We always take too many clothes.  That is a minor problem, but the gizmos are the real problem.  You need ten different kinds of charges to keep all the crap charged.  Then what if you have to repair something?  What tools should we take?  The worst thing is to get to the middle of nowhere and wish you had something.  The big item on the question list is the solar panel.  It has not been used in the last couple of years, but if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere it could be a great bonus.  The damn thing weighs about sixty pounds.  Weight is everything in this game.  The less you carry in the Earth Module the better.  When you put the brakes on to stop the caravan the brakes have to stop all the junk behind you.  The brakes if overburdened may not do the job.

A few years back we had the great crash that turned the previous Earth Module upside down and demolished both the living quarters and the pickup pulling it.  So Kadizzle has become much more conscious about the physics of stopping.  Stopping has everything to do with weight. Ask any ship captain or engineer on the railroad.

So what do we take, what do we leave?  The little items are as big a problem as the big ones.  Too many times some little item will solve the problem. If you had the right screwdriver you could fix the blasted thing.  One thing always on the back of the mind is getting stuck. If you are up some god awful forest road and you are stuck, what do you do?  A few simple tools might solve the problem. A saw, a shovel, some rope, a small winch.  Now what if you don't get stuck?  You carried all that crap for nothing.

Perhaps there is a solution.  One thing the Kadizzles have invested in is satellite communications.  Now the Kadizzles have a small hand held device that can reach a satellite from anywhere in the world. The device can send an emergency notification with our location or our problem.  Perhaps we should just carry the " Help I am down and can't get up" button and just call for help.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Down at the Crazy Club a nice discussion was held yesterday on the subject of retirement. What is it? Do you work? How do people approach it?  Stroupini is back from the coast, The owner of the meeting hall was present, and Shiny and here dog.  To Kadizzle retirement is being unfettered by bills, task, or commitments. Divorcing oneself from structure is very hard for some people. Kadizzle woke up this morning clueless of what he will do today.  Many people cannot stand the idea of uncertainty and have to plan every moment, every meal, every task.  Kadizzle just likes to like what he likes. If it feels good keep doing it. If it is no fun stop.  This does not work for a lot of people.  They always focus on an upcoming problem. Death is an upcoming problem. How much enjoyment you get between now and when the coffin lid closes should be the focus, not the bad spot on the grass, the laundry, or the hole in the street.  Life is about what you focus on.

At the Club House opinions swirled about how to retire an what to do. A lot was said about civic duty, and volunteering.  You can volunteer and enjoy it.  A vast pool of wealth exist in the retired community.  People with a lot of knowledge are in the retirement stage of life.  This concept swung the conversation to the role of old people and wisdom.  Do we respect our elders and their wisdom? How did the Indians relate to the elders of the tribe?  What kind of Tribe do we now have?

Over at Rita's Crazy Club they are sewing away and getting ready for Halloween. Rita rents costumes.  Like a couple of little kids Rita and Bingo went out and bought scary Halloween stuff.  When Kadizzle popped into their meeting hall they were running a remote control spider across the floor.  On the other side of the room an electronic hand was walking by itself. 

The wonderful Gesundheit Gazette will be out today.  Ichabod is the editor of the Hazen Star.  Kadizzle occasionally sits down with Ichabod to discuss politics.  Ichabod is astute on the subject, but caught up in religion and politics. Ichabod is so  skinny he looks like he escaped from a spaghetti package.  Although Icabod is a good writer most of his paper is drivel about the nothing that goes on around here.  Mildred made a quilt.  Elmer's dog hunts mosquitoes, and so on.

Mrs Kadizzle read an article about how ignorant theTrumpster is on economics.  The Trumpster claims because the stock market is up he is wiping out the national debt.  The man is clueless as well as dangerous.