Saturday, May 20, 2017

Launching Boats

Kadizzle is sure he holds the record for launching sailboats on Lake Sakakawea.  Today another boat will be baptized.  Launching sailboats is not so bad, but getting the beast back on the trailer is a nightmare.  The problem with sailboats is the keel.  Some larger boats need to be in eight feet of water to get the boat off the trailer.  This means the an extension has to be used.

The normal process it to take the boat and trailer down to the edge of the water, unhook the whole mess, and add the extension.  A favorite memory of this process gone wrong was years ago.  Andrew wanted Kadizzle to help launch his craft.  In the confusion Kadizzle thought Andrew had locked down the hitch and Andrew thought Kadizzle had done the task. Nope, the trailer was not secured to the truck.  This was not a problem until the trailer with the boat started down the ramp.  Kadizzle tapped the brake for a moment.  Andrew was up on his boat the Jenny Rose.  The sudden little application of brake pulled the trailer hitch up in the air off the ball. There was enough slack in the rusty safety chains to let the trailer get a little momentum without the truck.  The old rusty safety chains snapped the welds with no problem.  Down the ramp the boat and Andrew went.  What could you do? Nothing.  Andrew's eyes were the size of two moons.  As the boat went on its way sailing with no wind or water it picked up momentum.  All is well that ends well.  The boat with Andrew aboard launched itself with precision and no problem.

Observing this was old Captain Kit.  There was a minor problem with this procedure.  Now the trailer unhooked to anything was out in the lake by itself under water.  Andrew seemed a bit concerned, but Kadizzle assured him it was no problem.  Kadizzle took a small anchor he happened to have in his truck and tossed it into the water hoping to snag the trailer.  To his amazement the first cast was good. Captain Kit panicked and had the park rangers rushing to the scene.  When the rangers arrived the trailer was emerging from the water hooked onto the anchor rope.  Rushing to the edge of the water the park ranger said " Is there a problem?".   Kadizzle said with a big hidden grin " No, we do it this way all the time".

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Deceitful Bird

Old Kadizzle thought he might go for a motorcycle ride so he hopped on his one cylinder steed and took off.  A visit to Stroppini seemed in order.  A good way to get to the East end of Hazen without going through traffic is to take the route along the railroad track.  Follow the alley down behind the hospital until you come to a little bridge that goes under the railroad track.  Here you will find a little path that leads along the track and back out to the highway.

On this little excursion Kadizzle stirred up some sort of bird.  The bird did what birds do. The bird pretended to be hurt.  The idea in the birds mind was to draw Kadizzle away from the nest.  To Kadizzles amazement the deceitful little bird hobbled right down the path. Kadizzle followed the bird wondering when the bird would give up the charade and return to take care of the baby birds.  Finally after leading Kadizzle a couple hundred feet away the bird turned back to take care of the young.  This was a bird with a bird brain.

Now we live in an age where adults are fooled by birds with bird brains.  Our politicians have learned the art of deceit from the little bird.  Draw the attention away is what the bird does. Draw the attention away from the nest.  For Republicans the nest is the tax breaks.  Republicans only want to live without paying taxes. That seems pretty selfish, so the goal is to draw the bird brains attention away from the real issue.  The Republican bird seeks to confuse.  The Republican bird wants to draw the easily fooled man down the path.  A bird that appears to be crippled is a good meal for a Fox.  The Fox thinks he is smart. The Fox follows the bird down the path little knowing that he just passed up an easy meal.  Back at the nest the Fox just ran away from are delicious baby birds that could be eaten so easily.  However, the Fox with a much bigger brain than the bird has been fooled.  There is an easy solution to our problems, we have the resources for everyone to live a decent life, but if we are going to allow a few to take too much, and ask the rest to do without the easy life is not in reach.  In the end are we going to be diverted by the decietful bird drawing us in the wrong direction? Trump seems to have proved it is a very simple matter. Trump has a bird brain, but he has fooled a lot of people who should know better.  What is really going on?  Is the bird really hurt? Are the Mexicans really pouring across the border? Diversion works for the bird.  We must be the dumbest Foxes that every walked by a meal fooled by a birdbrain.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Sing

Voices turned into music as the summer sing got off to a good start.  For many years young men which are now old men have joined together to sing.  Normally The Stan Rodgers Glee Club meets in the top of Harvey's barn.  Too much cold caused a relocation. So at the lake house the old men gathered to sing the traditional sailing songs.  Leave her Johnny Leave Her,  The Northwest Passage, Rolling down to old Maui, and many other sea shanties were belted out.  Kieth has a wonderful voice, an excellent memory, and can play a couple instruments.  Thankya Jesus.  Shanika is also good on the guitar, knows the words and was once a performer at Madora. Too many desserts were put on the table, there were some excellent whistle beans, and there was some kind of strange blueberry bratwurst.  As usual some stories were mixed in with the singing.  Kadizzle was give grief about his recent attempt to shove money down the shirt of a congressman.  A couple people pointed out that is against the rules.

The night moved on and the crowd thinned out.  The bottles of wine, port and beer got emptied.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and a second sing may be scheduled.  A couple years ago Kadizzle introduced the sont "The Parting Glass".  The song has become part of the tradition, and Kadizzle wants it sung at his funeral.
The sun is climbing in the sky and the day will go on no matter what.  Shanika spent the night at Kadizzle's house.  Scheduling problems mean the Crazy Club meeting will be held today, so after breakfast the meeting will commence. Stoupini is out on the west coast so we might have to have a phone conference with him.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dreary Day

Up early, and the first cup of coffee is finished. The Earth has rotated once more, and has made it around the sun to the point we call summer.  Our planet is less significant than a grain of sand on the beach, yet we all seem to thing we are the center of the universe.  This brings to mind the old story of the mosquito floating down the river with an erection yelling " Raise the drawbridge".  Often Kadizzle tries to fall asleep at night imagining his place in the universe.  When you think you are something just put yourself a few thousand light years from Earth and see how important you are.  This brings us to another favorite saying " Most men lead lives of quiet desperation".    Hope springs eternal, and spring gives everyone hope.  We should have the hope Trump implodes and the country can move on.  Pence would be little better.  What needs to happen is a rewind.  The election should be held over.  Most games have some provision for fairness.  After you find out the election was a fraud and the president is a mentally ill incompetent idiot don't we have the right to a fresh start? So here we go, nothing's getting done in the country, some may say that is great, but we need roads, schools, and there are a lot of problems to fix.  Can we afford to just watch Trump jump from one crisis to the next?  The bumbling of Trump is like nothing ever seen in the White House before.  Sure Clinton got a blow job and that was a great story, but few feared Clinton would arbitrarily start a nuclear war.  Trump is a special kind of crazy.  Many now speculate he has a mental condition.  If you ever read one of his speeches as it is written using his exact words you will not doubt he is nuts.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Prisoner

Yesterday an old friend left a note on my doorstep.  The man who is now somewhere near fifty I first met as a municipal judge when he was a teenager.  As a young man he discovered the art of getting into trouble. He did not learn anything from his sessions in court with me as the judge, and he went on to the big house on drug charges.  In prison he met a local man who murdered his wife.  The local man is doing life in prison. So my old friend and I had a phone conversation.  From the man doing murder he told me he learned a lot. I guess he did. I realized that the man who had done prison time had much more respect for humanity than so many of the people who should be in prison.  This man cares. He grew up.  It may have taken three times the allotted time, but he finally grew up.  One thing we discussed was the phony Christians.  As it happened the man had been in the same church as Congressman Cramer.  Congressman Cramer is willing to take health care away from poor people so the rich can enjoy tax breaks.  This is simply wrong and against every Christian principle, but Cramer goes around with the fake Christian badge on his shirt. Cramer is against abortion, but has no problem of taking food away from a living breathing child.  So in my book the ex prison inmate is far more moral than Cramer.

Cramer said he had no problem with working until he is 72.  Kadizzle explained to Cramer that works fine for a politician, but no so well for a coal miner, a truck driver, or a carpenter.  Cramer is willing to raise the retirement age to protect the rich from paying taxes.  What a wonderful man Cramer is.  The Bible is full of instances where Jesus ask people to protect the rich.

The Primitive Mind

We now live in the modern age of communication.  However, some of us do not understand the basics of communication.  If you want to use a mailbox to send a message you need a stamp and a letter.  In the last couple of years someone has chosen to run my mailbox over late at night.  I am not sure what message they want to send me. Do they want to tell me they are incapable of using the phone, walking up to me and having a conversation, or that they disagree with my philosophy.  Primitive cultures wrote pictures on stones, used smoke signals, and even developed sign language.  
Recently a Republican at a townhall meeting got up spontaneously and started to choke me as I asked the congressman a question.  The message seemed relatively clear.  Apparently he wanted to send me the message I was not to speak. 

How do you get a message to someone?  The new gun culture suggest that if nothing else works shoot at the person.  Raising your voice and speaking loudly might work.  Kadizzle has been guilty of that.  The big danger with any message is that it will be misinterpreted. This can have disastrous results.  The only safe way to greet another person in the modern age is a handshake.  Hugging people has become very popular, but Kadizzle can see how this can quickly go bad.  Once while acting as a substitute teacher Kadizzle walked to his classroom early in the day.  Some young girl who apparently like Kadizzle as a teacher was so excited to see him she ran down the hall jumped up into his arms and gave him a big hug.  Kadizzle was thrilled at the enthusiasm, but also embarrassed.

We have now become a society that quickly sees evil where there is none.  We have become prone to misjudge things and put a value on things.  Too quickly we assign a value to an incident.  Years ago Kadizzle learned a good lesson.  Kadizzle was sitting in the car in the winter waiting for Mrs Kadizzle to come out of Sears in Bismarck.  As Kadizzle sat a man pulled up beside him into a handicap parking space.  The man jumped out of the van and ran towards Sears like an Olympic sprinter.

Kadizzle was enraged that someone would be so abusive of the handicap parking system and was going to confront the man when he returned.  As Kadizzle's anger started to increase he could see the man coming back out of the doors at Sears.  The man was pushing someone in a wheelchair.  His actions were perfectly legitimate.  Only by seeing the whole incident from beginning to end could one get an accurate picture of what took place.   Had Kadizzle driven away he never would have known what really happened.  The lesson is not to assign cause or effect too soon.  What you think you are seeing may not be what you are seeing.

Kadizzle got into a kerfuffle with Congressman Cramer recently.  The whole incident revolved around a distressed women who asked the congressman for help at a town meeting.  The Congressman wants to destroy Obamacare and enable the rich to have massive tax breaks.  This upset Kadizzle and the issue of taxing people became the topic at the meeting.  Kadizzle told the Congressman he did not mind paying taxes to help someone like the woman with the child who needed so much care.  To demonstrate that we could take money from the rich and give it to those in need Kadizzle approached the congressman with his wallet open.  Kadizzle took all his money from his wallet and attempted to give the money to the congressman. Kadizzle told the congressman to take the money and give it to the woman.  The congressman refused to take the money. Kadizzle tried to put the money  in the pocket of the congressman.  In a failed attempt that did not work.  Kadizzle put the money down the shirt collar of the congressman.   Now this is where perception and reality diverge. Kadizzle never shoved the congressman, but that makes a good story.  So those inclined to agree with the congressman chose to see that as what happened.  However, the video shows it did not happen.  This is how magic works.  The magician wants you to perceive something that is not true.  He wants you to chose to believe something that is not true.  The lady did not get sawed in half. It looked as though she did, but nope it did not happen.  There was no magic, you deceived yourself.  In the end it is up to each of us to police our own mind.  Don't let that one part of your mind take over.  Keep the rational part of your mind awake.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pay Attention

One of my nephews from Virginia spoke with Kadizzle at length last night.  Politics was the topic.  My nephew expressed concern about our country and what is happening.  He explained his awakening.  Democracy is under a huge threat.  The days of sitting home watching sports and getting lost in nonsense need to end. Pay attention.  Our basic rights and the basis of our country are under attack.  The gun nuts for years have been scared they are going to lose their guns.  You have to give them credit.  At least they got off their ass and fought back.  The country is being divided.  There are the have a whole lots, the have something, and the half nothings.  We have become a country dominated by the interest of those at the very top. The top few percent own and run the country.  Those in the middle and those on the bottom are there to be exploited.

Right before our eyes Trump and his gang are taking.  They are taking a bigger piece of the pie for themselves with massive tax cuts for themselves.  They are setting up the rules to steal public resources and lands.  So much can be learned from Hitler and what he did.  The German people Hitler set up were some of the most educated people in Europe.  If you pay attention to how dictators work you will see they all use the same tactics.  Put this in your notebook. Trump has admitted many times in the most public way he admires dictators.  Trump has told the American people he admires Putin, and the dictator of North Korea.  Trump has already invited several dictators to the White House.

So lets play golf, watch some football, and see what is on TV.  None of this is my problem.  I have gas in the car. I have a TV that works, I am not hungry or cold.  The simple reality is people do not get excited until they are in pain. Nobody cares unless they are somehow personally affected.  If the town ten miles west of us is bombed so what it did not destroy our cable and it looks like a good day to fish.  Americans just cannot understand that it works it's way up the food chain.   In Germany the most vulnerable were attacked first.  No one cared when the gypsies were rounded up.  No one cared when the severely disabled were rounded up.  What people could not see was that Hitler was working his way up the food chain.  So now we have Donald Trump destroying health care.  Doesn't matter to me, it has not affected me yet.  That is the American way.  Kadizzle always thinks of Germany and when the German cities were fire bombed. It was a hell like no other.  Read about it.  When the cities burned what did the Germans who did nothing think.  To them Hitler was the answer.  In the inferno did it occur to them what they had done.  Did they realize that by doing nothing they had brought on the flames that were roasting them.  How many of those people who were burnt alive realized that they had been enablers of Hitler and done nothing?  Today we have Donald Trump. People see him as an amusement and harmless.  Hitler was once seen that way.  History is no longer taught in our schools.  People have no concept of history, even recent history.  Teaching history has a purpose.  You learn about the mistakes of those before you so you do not repeat them.  Trump and his gang know the old tricks.  They know how the McCarthys of the past lied and manipulated idiots. They know how to use fear, and the classic tactics to fool the masses.  Car dealers remember what works.  When they find and sell a car to the first sucker they use their knowledge on the second sucker.  That is how history works for them. Look back to the depression and learn some history.   See what happened the last time the rich took it all. No forget about it load the boat and go fishing, watch some golf on TV.  Who cares I am warm, and not hungry, it just is not my problem.

Friday, May 12, 2017

A good story is better than the Truth.

A good story is better than the truth.  In the last two days Kadizzle has spoken to news media people and told them his story.  These people know Kadizzle never shoved Congressman Kevin Cramer.  There are video tapes that recorded the entire incident. The tapes very Cramer was never shoved. Kadizzle put money down the collar of Cramer's shirt, this is true.  The shoving makes a much better story.  Some man attempted to choke Kadizzle as he spoke to Cramer. The man was thrown out of the meeting by the police.  The man was not present when Kadizzle attempted to give the money to Cramer. The video verifies this. This was told to the Bismarck Tribune, The Washington Post, and Rob Port.  All of these outlets report it incorrectly. It make a good story.