Thursday, October 18, 2018

Electric excercise

The weather was perfect yesterday to fire up the battery on the electric bike. Kadizzle took off and made about 26 miles through the country side.  The other major accomplishment of the day was helping with the cleaning at Stroupini's new to be residence.  Stroupini bought a house in town.  He wants to be an old goat in town instead of his current location on the edge of the prairie.  Almost the entire crazy club membership was there helping him clean.  The bumshunkles that owned the house previously heated with wood, so everything on the interior is covered with smoke.  Kadizzle worked on cleaning the windows and cabinets with glass doors.  If all works out this will be the new Hazen Headquaters for the crazy club since the old club house has shut down.

Now for a little rant.  Making money is everything, so if the Saudis need to kill someone or Putin needs to murder some one that is fine.  As long as Trump is lent money by the Saudis and Russia a little murder is acceptable. Blatant is the only word that comes to mind.  Catching the Russians and the Arabs was do da.  It shows they know their puppet is so greedy he will overlook their crimes. In both cases the evil doers flew killers into do the work.  So in both cases the killers were very traceable. Of course Trump is like the kid who say " The dog ate my home work".  Lying comes to Trump like breathing, and lying to further Trump's agenda is an orgasm to Trump he doesn't have to pay Stormy Danials for.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Good news, bad news

Kadizzle just visited two public spots in the little hamlet of Hazen.  First, he stopped at the Cenex to get a drink.  Thinking it might be a good chance to garner a couple of votes for the cause Kadizzle asked two dolts behind the counter if they would vote for Heidi.  Both the women said they don't vote. Kadizzle explained to them they could actually vote themselves a raise, and even affordable health care.  Not interested.  The bad news is Kadizzle found the exact same pathetic attitude at the library where another young woman took pride in her unwillingness to vote.  The bad news is the abundance of dolts.  In a sample, three out of three young women turned out to be hopeless.

Now the good news, the dolts don't vote.  Given the alternative of having a dolt vote for Cramer or no vote for anyone, a no vote is somewhat of a victory.  So even after you explain in detail to these people who are young, stayed in Hazen, and are working for welfare wages, that they could do something about their plight, they just don't care.  How sad, stuck behind the counter at Cenex making minimum wage, and they have a chance to vote out the Republicans who love stomping on the poor.  Even after explaining to the poor young people that they could vote themselves a seven percent raise just by voting out the Republicans it made no difference.  These young women looked to be in their early twenties.  They never went to college, they don't have an ounce of ambition, and are content to spend their lives on the welfare roles.  It is hard to feel sorry for people who will not help themselves, but Kadizzle does.  The terrible immigrants that want to come to this country want to come and get ahead.  Those people coming to America are willing to work, vote, and move up the economic ladder.  Meanwhile we have young people that grew up right here in Hazen that don't have the ambition of a hunting dog.  The food was put on the table for them.  The real kicker is the one girl works in the library.  Nothing is as astounding as a person who works in a library and is clueless about the world, the economy, politics, and their own future.  This whole thing gets Kadizzle down, but there is hope.  In every case the smart ones left. The town is dying and one reason for it is the brain drain.  The kids that paid attention in school left, they saw the hopelessness of graduating and getting a job driving a coal truck in a circle.  The downturn of the coal industry, and that also means the coal fired power plants, means the end of just moving from high school to a good job.  Basin, which is a major player in the job market here has seen the future and it is dim.  Basin has already laid off 300 people.  The good old days are over.  Out west the boom is warming up, but the dumbest person knows oil is always boom and bust.  So the young will just sit here and wait for the bottom to fall out.  The politicians will tell the dolts you can solve the problem with clean coal. The same guys would have promoted horses that did not need to be fed, the dolts would have believed them.

To run into three people failed by education and doomed to a life of marginal living all one after the next is depressing, but hopefully those young people who left the sinking ship will be on islands of hope.  It seems the snake oil salesmen will pull it off once more in North Dakota. The insidious virus of the Donald Trump mentality has infected the dolts.  There is only one cure for extreme stupidity, it is cold and hunger.  As long as there is gas for the pick up and the big TV gets cable no problem.  We can watch Fox and football, but when you are cold and hungry no matter how dumb you are you have to try something different.  The first thing to try is what they did in Dayton.  Try some opioids. Let yourself enrich the drug companies once more. As the Trump disaster unfolds who will take care of the dolts?  They will become a burden no matter how you slice it.  Don't forget the dolts voted Republican in the last election, they love a good story about how prosperity and jobs are coming there way.

Train off the tracks.

Kadizzle had as usual a strange dream last night.  He was on a train that came to the end of the track and just went on off the track.  Just now it occurred to him that was a message.  November is coming and it will be the tipping point.  Will we get back on the track?  It is scary.  The deplorables never learn.  They just keep buying lottery tickets from the Republicans.  They listen to the preaching on Fox News, and follow their cult leader The Donald.  So what if Russia and the Arabs murder people all over the world.  The Trumpster says we have to be nice.  The Donald gets loans from Russia, and the Saudis, he needs their help. We love the Donald so we need to support him.  Selling planes to murderers is good business and creates jobs.  Jobs, jobs, jobs, look at all the jobs for welfare wages.  Since the Republicans are going to make everyone work until they drop, everyone will need those jobs flipping hamburgers.

We got a mess right here in North Dakota.  The swamp that was supposed to be drained has been rising. Heidi is not perfect, but she is a saint compared to Cramer.  You, you, you, need to talk to every Hooplehead you know and get her elected.  Women are the key to this whole thing.  There were some slaves who thought slavery was a good thing, but they were few and far between.  In North Dakota there are woman who would deliberately vote Republican, far too many.  No female should ever support the Republican agenda.  Women take the brunt of every Republican policy. Fist they are robbed of their right to run their own body, then of course they are the ones who suffer most from being a single parent.  On it goes.  Why would any woman vote Republican? Could you be alive, alert, and not hear Trump insult some woman every day? Trump has made racism and the belittling of women popular.  This is the man who walked into the women's dressing room at his Miss America show in Russia.  This is the man who says " Grab them by the Pussy".   So what woman in their right mind would support his party?  In summary get off your butt, use your phone, your mouth, your fingers, and wake up some people to vote.  Otherwise accept the pending disaster.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Elect Heidi

Kadizzle wandered down to the union hall to hear Heidi speak last night.  Heidi and Kadizzle have had some differences over gun control, but compared to Kevin Cramer Heidi is a saint.  Heidi gave a good talk about how the Republicans are ripping off the working class.  Heidi came across as a person who cared and was warm with people. Go to a Cramer show and watch someone play the saps who buy into trickle down fraud.

A few news people were hanging around with microphones, cameras and the typical stuff.  Engaging one of the in discussion Kadizzle noticed his accent and made further inquiries.  Low an behold it was the BBC right here in little Hazen filming our North Dakota politics.  Watch BBC Wed, Thur and maybe you will get to see the show.

Back to Heidi.  The BBC crew was getting a lot of footage, but they missed the best part of the meeting.  The cute little BBC lady asked Kadizzle how they could get a good shot of the whole town.  Kadizzle sent them up on the hill above town, so they left.  The best part of the show started.  Accompanied by a guitarist Heidi sang a country western classic, and did a Janis Joplin too.   Heidi is a pretty good vocalist.  Heidi comes across as a person, a real human who is caught in a bind with the Hoopleheads, but a person who cares.  Kevin Cramer is a money grubbing rat that would wipe Trumps ass if he thought it would get him elected.

For being in the heart of ground zero for Republican insanity the turn out of liberals was very good.  North Dakota needs a miracle.  If Cramer is elected North Dakota will be in the most hopeless state imaginable.  Trump will throw anyone under the bus if it serves his needs.  Trump already has sacrificed the farmers in North Dakota to play his games with China.  You need to speak to any Hooplehead that might have their blinders removed.  Standing up to the wave of idiocy washing over the State of North Dakota is a moral obligation.  Heidi put it all on the line standing up for women, how about you taking the time to see if you can change the mind of one dolt.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Arctic Dreams

The sun is still moving this direction, but has not yet appeared.  Returning to headquarters the Kadizzles found the toilet had been dripping for a week or two.  Of course Jasper got quite concerned.  So today the process starts. Clean up the mess.  Kadizzle did not think it was really that bad, but it looks like it will turn into a massive project which will end up with remodeling the bathroom.  So here we go.  The joys of home ownership.  Dealing with the insurance company will be fun.  Since they will have to pay up for the hurricanes, maybe,  they will be stingy.

Ah, the wonderful cold of winter.   A lot of yard work to do and the camper still has to be polished for the trip south.  The little prairie town seems much nicer after being in the big cities.  Being a country bumpkin with the frost on the pumpkin may not be so bad.  The biggest problem in the land of flatness is boredom.  There simply is not much to do in the middle of nowhere.  Now it is not bad in the summer, but in the winter you have hunting, maybe cross country skiing, and that is about it.  The Kadizzles have not been in ND for the winter in a long time, but the new recreation center in Beulah would be a savior.  If old Kadizzle could play some racket ball or hand ball perhaps the chicken meat would melt off.

It is a strange world when a reality show star becomes president.  The presidency has now become a reality show.  Every time you think it cannot get more bizarre it does.  If you did not see the Kanye West thing, then you better.  Trump invites a mentally ill black man to the Oval office to show he loves black people.  The real taker of the cake was the language Mr. Rapper used.  Bi polar Mr. West shot the "F" word around like snowflakes.  Does anyone remember when the Republicans claimed Obama disgraced the office?  Obama would never have done half the obscene things the good old Trumpster has.  What is most amazing about Trump is he does so many goofy things that no one can remember them all.  One day he loves the Chinese, the next day they are evil.  Since the Arabs cut up the Washington Post journalist and scattered his limbs among the desert old Trump is in a bind.  Trump has used Arab money in his crooked schemes and of course the Arabs love to stay at the Trump hotel in DC.   Now what should he do.  Trump is in a word war with the Arabs.  Trump has pretty clearly shown that you can be his friend and murder people at random.  Does anyone remember the two people Putin tried to poison in London?

National amnesia is the new norm.  No one is suffering from Alzheimer's like the silly evangelicals.  First they cannot remember what the Bible says, then they seem to have forgotten all the so called family values.  Trump can lie a little, commit a little adultery, and then preach some greed.  No problem, no memory.

The tax scam is what really takes the cake.   Between the tariffs and the crashed stock market no one has made a cent on Trumps latest fraud.   Again the insanity sets in.  The farmers in North Dakota who hate welfare cheats have been promised 12 billion in cheese from Trump because the Soybean market went south.  Then nobody notices the deficit which has exploded under The Donald.  On it goes, the lying, the fraud, the insanity, and everyone acts like it is normal.   Most amazing of all is the upcoming election. If anyone shows any intelligence, guts, or morality, vote them out.  That stuff has gone out of style in fantasy land.  Now throw in the death of science.  The country is getting blown apart by climate change,  but that is just God punishing the gays or the Democrats.  God has always had a problem when he punishes people.  One guy in town does the wrong thing and God wipes out the town.  Pat Robertson has never explained how this works.  How does God punish the gays and ruin a lot of other peoples homes in the process?  Kill everybody and you are sure to get the guilty one.   If prayer works Kadizzle prays Trump will get cancer of the bunghole as soon as possible.  If there is a God he will answer this prayer.  This brings up the question, why do you have to ask God to do what God should do anyway?  God is blasting the coast lines, why can't he spare just a little lightening for Trump?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Home at Last

God bless Honest Omar for picking up the Kadizzles at the airport.  Home at last to peace, silence and the molasses pace of North Dakota. Sure North Dakota has some draw backs, but also some blessings.  There are no lines, no traffic lights, and the number of dingers is minuscule compared to the big city.  Cheech can have the East.  From Boston to Florida it is one giant freeway and shopping center with some slums thrown in.  The carrying capacity of the Earth has been exceeded and the bacteria called humanity just does not realize you can only put so many germs in a test tube.

Not everything has slowed down.  Jasper Littlebottom is going berserk.  There was some kind of leak from the toilet while we were gone.  Some drywall in the basement is wet and so is some carpet.  Jasper has been acting like we have a radiation leak.  It may be just a matter of some fans, and drying things out, but meanwhile Jasper is panicking .

So many easterners have never visited the west.  They don't know there is a vast land out here with room.  Room to walk, spit, sing, breathe, and move about without bumping into anyone.  Kadizzle remembers 1976 and his first trip north of Bismarck.  Everything seemed so empty and foreign.  The natives here used to say how the east felt claustrophobic, now Kadizzle understands what they were saying.  As a kid Kadizzle used to think the field at the end of the street was huge.  The hills were big, back in West Virginia, the scale was different.  Now returning to the old neighborhood Kadizzle realizes how small and narrow the streets were.  It is as if someone put the old world in a dryer and shrank everything.

A big puzzle returning from the land of many is mass transit. Why will this country not modernize and address mass transit.  High speed trains would change the world in the land of the crowded.  On a good day an American train can do 70 miles per hour.  Meanwhile the Japanese, Chinese, and Europeans move along at speeds exceeding 150 mph and approaching 200.  To top it off the roads are in terrible shape.  Why can't you get on a high speed train and go north and south on the East coast.  One reason is we are building F-35 aircraft at one hundred million per copy. In the Navel Yard at Philadelphia you can see the hundreds of millions in rusting ships sitting there.  In Arizona the Air force junkyard has 54 billion in rusting planes sitting in the desert.  Each ship is multiple schools, homes, roads, hospitals, health care, and all the things humans need besides war.  Of course Republicans love war, and defense spending.  Just say guns, abortion, and lots of weapons, and you are elected as a Republican.  So the country is falling apart, we are getting dumber by the minute, and the Trumpster is lying at the speed of light.  November will tell the story. In November the rectal thermometer will be stuck up the bung hole of the nation and the temperature will be taken.  This thermometer reads in IQ rather than degrees. If Trump and his gang of thieves get elected the national IQ will bottom out.  The fever of stupidity will rage. It looks like a real possibility. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Heading Home

Old Kadizzle is somewhere 30,000 feet over Kansas.  Leaving the East Coast behind. For some time Kadizzle speculated where all the poor people where, for too long Kadizzle has been living in relative prosperity, and traveling in relative prosperity.  Well Kadizzle found plenty of poor people on this trip. Yesterday Mrs. Kadizzle gave the old man a bum steer. Jasper said the bikes Kadizzle saw in the bike rack for rent were electric. Not long after he started to pedal he found out he was wrong.  So like a fool Kadizzle went down hill from the church where Patrick Henry made his speech. The plan was to bike along the canal. Using dead wreckoning Kadizzle thought he could find his way. Well this did not work so well. Soon he was pedaling along a gravel road by the railroad tracks making his own route.  It never did take him where he wanted to be so he decided to go back up hill to Uncle Ben’s home. This route took Kadizzle through a predominantly black area. As the old fat white man pedaled up the hill huffing and puffing he got some strange stares from the locals. Kadizzle began to feel like a cat working it’s way through a neighborhood of dogs.  

Eventually Kadizzle emerged from what seemed like a menacing area and then found out from Uncle Ben it was not considered friendly territory for the bleached out crowd.  Moving toward Denver at 549 mph feels good. The West seems better and better. The crowded city life of Richmond, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia is disappearing behind. Kadizzle never thought he would become a prairie dog, but it seems to have grown on him.  Until you spend time in the tight quarters of the East you forget the casual openness of the west. At home we live on damn near an acre. After spending days in row houses that seems like a farm. Then there is the noise, the dingers drive about with rumble cars and rumble stereos with the intent of making sure no one goes without sound.  

Now on the up side there is food.  Good eating places abound. Last night Kadizzle was treated to a real fru fru dinner served like one of the fancy food shows.  Unused to such elegance Kadizzle thought the appetizers were the meal, they were excellent and full of unique flavors. The main course also was a delight, but actually the warm up food was better.  With a wood fired bakery making breakfast, and a pub across the street Little Joey was in heaven.

So now we land in Denver and then on to Bismarck.  If the lord smiles upon this orthodox agnostic we will have two tickets to the United Lounge for the economically empowered. There with those whose farts have no odor we will lounge until our next flight.

Friday, October 12, 2018

After the rain

Today is bright and sunny, the Kadizzlites took a walk down along the canal in Richmond. The river is flowing high and it was a nice walk.  Last night we reviewed some of the documentary on The Bhagwan cult in Oregon.  Wild Wild Country is the name of the show on Netflix.  It is worth watching. It is an amazing story of how a cult took hold.  Back in West Virginia just a few days ago Kadizzle was withing spitting distance of the Krisna Cult Temple there.  The similarities between the cults was amazing. These cults always end up making money doing something illegal. 

Now we have the most amazing cult of all, the Trump Cult.  Like the other cults Trump can lie with impunity, steal with impunity, and live the life of luxury. Trump has taken the cult technique to it's highest level.  No country fertilizes cults like America.  The stump preachers that bilk the simple minded are a classic case of legalized theft.  Like all good cults Trump advocates tax cheating, and every form of fraud known to man.

Fire and Rain

I have seen fire and I have seen rain.  Remember that song.  Well it was rain last night like Kadizzle has not seen in a long time. The Hurricane moving up the coast dumped water on Richmond at about three or four inches an hour.  Today the sun is out and bright.  Sitting at Uncle Ben's historic house waiting for the coffee.  It looks like our plane which has been delayed by the weather will take off tomorrow. 

Wow, when you think Trump and his gang of idiots cannot get a bit more insane he does.  Trump invited Konya West or whoever he is into the Oval Office.  The black man proceeded to praise Trump.  That in itself should explain the guest was suffering mentally.  The "F" bombs were flying.  In a nut case rant mister West said F this and F***ing that.   Now remember how the Republican said Obama showed disrespect for the office.  This little show will not be topped soon for pure unadulterated insanity.

Here in Richmond the pattern is being repeated we saw in Philadelphia. The rich are moving in with the poor.  Of course the poor will have to leave once the gentrification is complete. Uncle Ben lives in a house built in 1830 about two blocks from where Patrick Henry said " Give me liberty or give me death".   Maybe Trump will come and say " Give me tax breaks, but don't give me the truth".   Ben like Cheech lives in an updated row house.  These houses are not made for old people incapable of doing steps.