Monday, June 26, 2017

How does religion work?

You go to church on Sunday and get all psyched up about Jesus. Then on Monday you and your buddies have coffee and talk about how great Trump is. Trump and the Republicans try to pound the poor into oblivion.  Republicans do everything in their power to shovel tax breaks to the rich and screw the damn welfare cheats.  Sure doesn't sound like Jesus does it?  Old Jesus was all about those who have the goodies sharing them with those who do not.  The question is how can you go to church for years and not get the message?  Now the amazing part is who put Trump and his greedy buddies into office.  Strangely it was the most hard core followers of Jesus. Exactly who gets hurt when the Jesus gang attacks the "welfare cheats"?  What so many cannot get into their heads is that welfare cheats have children.  Welfare cheats are young mothers with no man to support them.

 Now the next thing to examine might be are they really cheats.  The people who get help are the people who are doing menial jobs at Walmart, McDonnells, and perhaps doing your lawn.  When you check the reality of how many people are actually doing nothing and getting paid you are talking about a very small number.

Now here is the bomb.  All the so called welfare cheats at best make up about 20% of our society.  If you want to call the bottom 20% welfare cheats, which Republicans do, then that is who you are talking about.  That group of people only use or get 2% of everything there is to use or get.  That is what the actual figures show.  So in reality the welfare cheats take very little from society.

Now there is another group of welfare cheats that should be looked at. What about the people who never really do anything to contribute to society?  What about the people who inherit millions, and never work in their entire life?  Of course that is fine with the Republicans.  If you get your welfare check because uncle Willy left you ten million, then you are not a welfare cheat, but a fine upstanding citizen.  The so called welfare cheat did not do a damn thing to get his check, neither did the guy who inherited from uncle Willy.  However, the guy who inherited from uncle Willy has three houses, a yacht, and a jet.  The rich welfare cheat takes way more from society than the poor welfare cheat.  Republican say the nephew of Uncle Willy creates jobs.  Sadly that just does not hold up in reality.

Now back to Jesus and religion.  Republican think it is fine for Uncle Willie's nephew to waste and despoil the planet, but the new Jesus doesn't give a damn about the poor kid who is the victim of the system.  The new Republican Jesus loves uncle Willie's nephew, but could care less about the single mother or the kid of the single mother struggling with two jobs to make life work.

So we end up with two people old Kadizzle knows.  Each goes to church and soaks up the joy of Jesus, and each voted for Donald Trump.  The Donald has broken every commandment of the bible so many times you cannot remember all his lies and wives. How do they do it?  How do they listen for twenty years to someone talking about the virtues of Christianity and totally miss the point?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Wind on the prarie

Darch with his two bears is headed west. Something possessed Darch to buy two bears down at the thrift store. He named them Mike and Beatrice.  So with the bears in the front seat beside him for company Darch is headed to Crows Nest where we have a mutual travelling friend.  If all works out Darch has invited the Kadizzles to sail with him in the Northwest around Vancouver.  The Kadizzle will try their best to join a fellow sailor there.

The damn wind blew so hard we gave up on trying to sail yesterday. Three boats apparently fought it out and made it to Moose Bay.  Mrs Kadizzle has a broken wrist so old Kadizzle needs crew to get the ship under sail.  The Snoocher Bear is on her way with Sylvie from Denver, and Cheech will be bringing her bumpkin on Thursday so the game is on. Both of our grandchildren with the the grandparents will be united.

The pockets book is empty but the bathroom is done.  Mrs. Kadizzle focuses on imperfections, but old Kadizzle just says praise Jesus the project is finished.

Summer is plowing on and will be over in a flash. The southwest is burning to the ground and no one can believe we are cooking the planet.  Waking up this morning it seemed hard to believe that we are now led by Trump.  Our population has actually elected this insane greedy man.  Time Magazine had a big article on how Trump is scamming the game.  Trump's hotel in Washington is raking in the cash by allowing people to basically bribe Trump by simply staying at his hotel and paying insane prices for everything. Trump has set the mark for a crooked president that will be hard to believe.  Just amazed when someone confesses they voted for him.

Since Kadizzle has delved into politics a review might be in order.  As many know Kadizzle had a kerfuffle with Congressman Kevin Cramer.  It has been an amazing experience to see how the media, or fake news as Donald says treats things.  Ken called Kadizzle very excited to tell Kadizzle the Drudge Report was featuring his so called attack on Cramer.  Reading the report Kadizzle could not believe someone has now added the element to the story that Kadizzle shoved "Fake Money" down the shirt of the lickspittle.  Now who came up with that?  Apparently Kadizzle must carry a wad of "Fake Money" around.  Why would someone just make that up and add it to the story.  The implication in the story is a vast conspiracy of left wing insane guys is around just waiting to shove fake money at Trumps minions.  Of course people like Ken eat the right wing spin up like pancakes.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Shack Rousting called off.

The door came open as if the wind had managed to loosen it, but much to my surprise it was Darch. I thought he was down the basement sleeping, but the old fart had been out running for an hour at six in the morning.  So here we sit. Darch never heard of John Prine, so he is getting the full nine yards.

Darch also is fascinated with shack rousting.  As one reading this might know we have had problems with getting Jeff the tile man to come to work. Twice Kadizzle has gone to Jeff's house early in the morning to shack roust him.  Now things have changed. It turns out Jeff has a brother serving life in prison for two murders.  One of the people killed by Jeff's brother was a policeman.  So if Jeff even has a small genetic component of murder in his system we have decided not to take a chance.  Jeff did show up and do a little work yesterday.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Life goes on, the sun came up again today.  Yesterday Jeff called to warn Kadizzle there would be no more shack rousting.  Kadizzle had to shack roust Jeff two days in a row.  Jeff is the guy who cannot seem to get to work two days in a row. Jeff is doing the tile work in our new bathroom and just cannot seem to get the work done. What is shack rousting?  Shack rousting is what you do when someone will not get out of bed and go to work.  You take a ball bat and go to their house.  They will not answer the door so you beat on their house until they get up.  Kadizzle had to pull his car into Jeff's yard and honk the horn.  Jeffs wife finally came out in a rage saying she did not know where Jeff was.  Apparently she was unaware what the man's name was that was in bed beside her .  So Jeff said in about thirty minutes he will be here.  It would be just as likely Jesus might show up.  Shack rousting was a mean system employed in coal camps and other harsh labor environments mostly in the south.  In the old days Kadizzle used to have to shack roust his children.  Usually if the kids would not get up it just took some good tickling.  Tickling Jeff in the morning does not seem practical.

Yesterday Darch went on the Remedigus with Kadizzle.  That is the bike ride around town to get up to date on local insanity.  Darch attended the morning meeting at the Crazy Club and we had a good time.  Darch got to see the new hospital, the library, the Hazen Star, and even the music at the pocket park. It was a full day that included searching for artifacts at the Indian Village in Stanton.

So now we have Thursday laid out before us.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Mrs Kadizzle has a habit of awaking and immediately getting up to date on her iphone.  The light from the phone is all it takes to wake up Kadizzle.  So before five the game was on.  Kadizzle of course may as well do his update.  An article caught his attention.  Flaring waste enough gas to heat five million homes.  Yup we are just burning senselessly enough natural gas to heat five million homes.  Imagine the waste. Only about 700,000 people live in North Dakota, so enough gas is being burnt in waste to heat at least five North Dakotas.  Wow, imagine the waste.  This is all done because of greed.  Imagine people so greedy they would waste such a valuable resource.  Who are these people?

These people are called Republicans. They do not believe in climate change even though the southwest is melting. They do not believe in anything but a good life for those on top. The same Republicans are about to destroy healthcare for the poor.  The same Republicans just destroyed the improving relations with Cuba. The Same Republican voted for the totally insane idiot now president of our country.  Me, me, me, is the Republican motto.  Nothing has been learned from history.  History has taught those willing to read it that  when you have unbridled greed you have collapse.  The French Revolution was all about the people on the bottom taking back from the people on top. Again in Russia, China, and even our country those who were oppressed said the hell with a few taking everything with total disregard for everyone.  Now we have the me, me, me Republicans seeking tax breaks for the rich. A pig and a man with no morality is leading the country.  The greedy salivate at the prospect he will give them the tax breaks they yearn for.  They never have enough.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Darch Called in

Thankya Jesus Darch called from Devil's Pass which he is just about to cross with his bike and gear. Darch is finding out the Maah Daah Hey Trail is much more than he thought.  His three day trip will easily turn to five.  Next Darch can relax and sail with us. For an athlete one has to admire Darch.  Setting off with sixty pounds of gear Darch is a brave man to take on that trail.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

North Dakota off the list

Al somehow found me on the internet and asked my help for his mission. Al wants to sail in every state in the United States. Thursday we headed toward Mallard Island to enabler Al to knock off North Dakota.  At breakfast this morning Kadizzle told Al he admired people who have the guts just to ask. So much can be accomplished by simply asking.  Al has asked sailors in every state to give him a sail, and they have complied.  How many people go through life too shy or with too much fear to simply ask?

When you are outgoing things happen. Years ago we met Darch in a campground in Arizona. Darch is the most active 72 year old you will find. Darch can ride a mountain bike on trails most twenty year olds would not brave.  So today we helped Darch get going on the Ma Da Hey trail.  That trail in the North Dakota Badlands is a rugged and tough trail. Years ago Kadizzle took a writer for the New York times and a couple of his buddies out there to ride the trail. They thought they could do it in a straight 24 hour period.  Well only one made it, and one ended up in the hospital.  Old Darch has probably settled in for the night. He is doing it alone, which Kadizzle frankly thinks is unwise.  In a few day we will know how Darch did when he comes out of the wilderness. Hopefully Darch will be in shape to take a restful sail on the good ship.