Thursday, January 18, 2018

Time is marching on

Sometimes it seems like time speeds up and then other times it slows down. Now the Earth has tilted toward spring.  So here goes another cycle.  In no time at all it will be boat launch time.  Summer will wisk by.  Sometimes it seems like the spinning of the Earth is getting faster.

 NPR just said crude oil prices are on the rise.  North Dakota will maybe go into the boom cycle.  Oil is a strange barometer for the world.  Every time the price goes up the oil wells start pumping and drive the price down. Western North Dakota had a lot of stuff sitting idle.  It will be interesting to see if breath comes back to the Williston area.

The Kadizzles sit here drinking coffee working on the morning update.  In the background NPR gets us up to date on the crazy man who pretends to be president.  NPR says a majority of Americans think Trump's first year is a failure.  Of course he is still popular with the delusional.  The chief rodent gets some nasty scores on his polling. 

We will start the day clueless of what we are going to do today.  There will be six of us possibly crowed into a pickup truck headed into the wilderness.  Six people working for free while Trump shovels tax cuts to the rich.  Trump and his gang of thieves are starving the government so the parks and forest fall into disrepair.  Who cares?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Things that wind through the Wilderness

There is way more wilderness in our country than most people can comprehend.  Yesterday Kadizzle set off by himself to find a trail. For days our trail crew has been working on the Sycamore Creek trail. We have been clearing and improving the trail.  A major project is finding the trail.  That was Kadizzles goal yesterday.  Who made these trails is a question one always wonders.  Was it Indians, was it miners, was it cattle people, was it the CCC, the Forest Service, who made the trail.  It might have simply been animals.  Usually you can tell if the trail was an old road. If you see some stone work it may have been cattle people or the CCC.  Often the trails go to a spring.

When you drive along the road and look at the mountains you don't realize how much land is between you and the mountain peaks.  You think there is very little, but just get out and walk, then you will find out how much wilderness there is.  So much of our work is related somehow or other to the Arizona Trail. The Arizona trail goes from Mexico to Utah.  It is 800 miles long.  Often we meet people who are walking that 800 miles.  This is not a walk in the park.  Around here water is a problem.  If you are going to walk the trail you may need a support person that places water at certain key points.  Finding your way can be at times tricky. The trail is not always a trail. Sometimes the trail is a road, and sometimes you come down out of the mountains to cross a bridge.  People on the trail will see land few people ever get to see.  Think about your typical person.  Most people only get to see the country from a car or airplane. Cars and plains are limited to where they can go. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Bum Update

The sun set just a fraction of time ago. It is dark and how quickly things cool down is amazing. Mrs. Kadizzle is cooking onions for her chili.  The onion fumes are burning old Kadizzle's eyes.  Today got off to a slow lazy start. The plan was to take Cindy the horse camp host up the mountain so she could understand how the trails ran.  The trail system is confusing and takes awhile to learn.  So up the road we went bouncing like ping pong balls in a clothes dryer.  Cindy got to ride on one of the nastiest roads around, but we did show her how the Frazier Trail ran up to the Arizona Trail.  Since we were already up there we went on to the Cotton Wood Trail. Cindy was impressed with the natural beauty back in the wilds.

After our exploration Mrs. Kadizzle took off on her bike and Kadizzle rode the Yamaha toward Windy Hill Campground.  After giving the mostly empty campground a good once over Kadizzle turned toward home. Up ahead was a car with the hood up. As Kadizzle approached he realized it was Mr. Bummore.  The bum staying at the horse camp.  Perplexed that his car had severyly overheated Bummore was waiting for the car to cool to where he could drive it again. Kadizzle tried to help by fetching water for the radiator.  Bummore managed to get back to the horse camp where his strange collection of junk lay scattered about like a garage sale. 

How do people like bums like Bummore think.  Bummore has owned his car for three months and is a clueless mechanic. The bum mindset is special.  A bum has about a 24 hour look into the future. Bums don' think in terms of what will happen next week or two days from now.  Bums live in the present. The car runs right now. I have food right now. Bums don't think about what will happen when the car breaks down, as a bum car surely will.  Bums don't think about what will happen when it rains,  or there is no fuel to cook the hot dogs.  So Bummore is over there in the horse camp stuck with a car that will never make it out of here.  No matter which way you go there is a steep long, long hill to climb.  That is exactly how the life of a bum works.  A bum sinks into a low spot and is faced with a steep climb.   Bummore said he was going to leave tomorrow and head for Payson.  Stay tuned. Perhaps Kadizzle can give you an update tomorrow.

Another Bum or scholar

If you have read this nonsense for a long time you might remember stories about Gary, Kadizzle's old bum friend. The other day Kadizzle rode down to the horse camp on his motorcycle.  The makings of a bum nest were apparent.  Not sure of this bum's name, but Kadizzle stopped for a chat.  Here is a guy living out of his car and sleeping in a tent. Who knows if he paid the fee to stay there or not.  All sorts of stuff was stacked on the picnic table.  A combo cot and lounge chair was on the gravel.  The tent was set up and as is the custom there is a bum dog.  Like Gary this guy seemed to be a reader.  He said he had been a radio dispatcher for the fire department.  Talking to him for awhile he seemed reasonably intelligent.  At some point he said " I was once told I have a good face for radio".   He did not have the best of teeth.  Bum's don't seem to go to dentist.  Stopping by on a different day the new guy in the neighborhood said he was going to the star party up at the National Monument.  How many people are wondering around trying to survive from one camp ground to the next?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Johnny the Historian.

Johnny is 88 and has a sharp mind. Between Johnny and his dog Bessie they know where abosolutely everything around Roosevelt Lake is. The reason Johnny knows is because he helped built it all from the roads, to the trails, to the buildings. The Forest Service considers Johnny a walking blueprint. When you need to know the location of a pipe, or an electric line get Johnny.

So today we hopped into to the car with Johnny to see the old CCC cabin on the other side of the lake. Of course Johnny knew the whole history.  The cabin is fed by a spring. We walked about half a mile up to the spring. The spring seemed in an abnormal place. It was out on a ridge. The water must have come from the mountains above.  After the tour of the cabin Johnny showed us where the old CCC powder magazines were.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Then there were six

A sister is soon to meet her demise. Kadizzle is one of nine kids.  Who knows what the parents were thinking, but they turned us out like a factory.  Sadly the first to go was my younger brother.  A heart attack suddenly and unexpectedly shot him down.  About two years ago another heart attack got number four.  The whole thing seems like a dice game.  When you hit this age you see the other leaves drop from the tree and you know you are on that tree and the wind will blow.

Nine kids sewn like seeds in the wind and into the world. Each of us went in a different direction. The tides of life pushed and pulled us into deep water and onto the beach.  The stories and adventures along with the tragedies, and the victories are all there.  All things considered there was a lot of success.  The gene pool mixed and churned and produced nine variations of uncles, aunts, grandparents, and generations back through history.

Nine people can make a lot of choices, and God knows we did.  We lived in California, West Virginia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and Arizona. Mix us together and you were sure to get stories and laughter was a given.  Our parents did not live to see all the successes, and thank God they missed some of the failures.  One thing we all leaned two kids are plenty.  No one had more than two.  If you leaned nothing else you got a passing grade for realizing the folly of over production.  Often Kadizzle says to himself, what were they thinking.  Then he realizes since he was near the end of the line it was a good thing they were not thinking.

So one by one we will be picked off.  No one escapes.  All the money, all the prayers, and all the medicine cannot keep us going forever.  If there is one lesson be kind, enjoy, and be thankful.  In the end it is each other we will treasure.  Someone shaped us into who we are.  A lot of Kadizzle got shaped by eight other people that ate at the same table, surrounded the same Christmas tree, and shared the same home.  So here we are 2018.  How many more mile post will we make.  It is a time to reflect, and a time to watch the children, and the grandchildren flourish with joy.

An old Favorite

Hiking and working on the trail yesterday Kadizzle got to see one of his favorite displays.  Since the Air Force practices with jets here about once a week we see them scream by.  Yesterday a jest dropped right down into the canyon Kadizzle was in. It seemed so close it might blow his hat off.  The canyon is long, deep, and narrow.  Kadizzle was in a great spot to see the guy go overhead by about 200 ft.  The technology is amazing.  How can someone fly like that and not crash.  As the pilot went over the rest of the crew farther down he did a roll then ducked over the next mountain.  It was better than an air show.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Robots don't pay taxes

Reading and article in the NYT it just hit Kadizzle robots do not pay taxes. What does this mean? It simply means Trump has pulled off an amazing win.  You buy a robot to do the work of six people. The government loses six tax payers. The company makes more money and Trump set it up so corporate taxes are lower.  Six people are out of work and the corporation gets a tax break.  So the rich get richer, and the economy no longer works.  It will take awhile for the deficits to kill us, but it will surely happen. Meanwhile the rich and the Republican sing to the bank.

In the end it cannot work. Society will have to change.  Democratic socialism is the only answer. Europe has embraced it. Most Americans are clueless about what it is.  When the old economics does not work, you have to share the work and share the results of the work.  The rich will fight it to the end by buying all the legislators they need. In the end it will fail. You cannot buy love,  and you cannot buy your way out of a society swamped in poverty.  Fair distribution of the fruits of labor is the only way around the looming mess. Usually the fairness comes from a war, a depression, or some sort of massive social change that is not good for the ruling class.  Class warfare is on, get you economic gun ready.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Two nasty roads

Kadizzle played a giant round of dare to be stupid.  Larry is doing photography for our volunteer group that works for The Forest Service.  Larry is not familiar with the roads and trails so Kadizzle took Larry into the back country.  More than once the thought " Maybe I shouldn't be doing this" went through Kadizzle's mind.  The first road we traveled is so steep that gravity may overtake the ability to stop the downward motion.  To be safe Kadizzle got out and walked down the road to test for just how slipper it was. We tried to get a jeep, but ended up with a four wheel drive truck.  The second road was just as bad. 
Larry managed to get some good shots even though it was a nasty day.  Click on this one and enlarge it. 

Rain in the desert

At last the rain has come. Not much, but it did settle the dust. The area needs a lot more to get anywhere near average. Of course climate change is not a problem. Talking with some Forest Service employees Kadizzle found out they have a prohibited word list supplied by the Trump gang.  You know you have a problem when the government tells it's agencies which words it can use.  Can you use the word biggly?  Trump won biggly you know and the American public lost biggly.  Trump has told us he is a genius and he has good words.  Wow, what a combination, a genius with good words.

With the rain the trail crew has to cook up something to do today.  One task might be patrolling for litter.  It would be nice just to hide in the bushes with a stick and jump out to bop the people who throw the Bud Light cans down.  It is the deplorables that voted for Trump that are the same people throwing beer cans.  Only a deplorable would just toss a beer can out the window.  The worst thing anywhere are cigarette butts.  People willing to kill themselves for a puff of poison have very little qualms about tossing the weed butts on the ground.  Since this is an attack on degenerates may as well add one more group.  Now everyone likes a campfire, but clean it up when you are done, and you don't get to make your campfire in the middle of the parking lot.